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Took the bags and top case off tonight. Looks like a different bike.


The point of this blog is to chronicle the ownership of a bike that comes to me with so many miles on it and the experiences I have along the way. Buying a bike of this age comes with many risks. I hope that BMW engineering and good ownership practices will keep this bike running well into the next decade.

I was also looking for a place to keep track of maintenance, parts, servicing, break-downs, etc. Instead of keeping some archaic owner's logbook, I will post everything here.

Here is an excerpt from a posting I made on shortly after I bought the bike. I think it explains my feelings about the bike and how I look at the road ahead:

"...Thanks for all the help everyone. I rode the bike today for a good long while, around town in traffic and then up the Keys for a nice long freeway cruise.

Tight as a drum, shifts smooth as silk. Power is clean and comes on smooth up the rev spectrum. Nice and stable at 60, 70 and 80. Had a nice talk with the owner about his history with the bike and got more information about his servicing and his dealer servicing history. Felt very good about the additional information.

I have a proposed deal with him, which is about $500 more than I wanted to pay but about $1000 less than he wanted. With the extras (Jesse's, tank, PIAA's etc) I think I am alright with the price.

As important as the price is the fact that I really like this bike. It fits me. I like the look, from the matte finish black and olive tank to the worn seat. It feels right for my style.

Time will tell if I have made a wise choice or a foolish expenditure on a bike with over 100,000 miles on it. Service is a long 180 miles on a trailer away in Miami. This will either be a gem that gives me another 50,000 miles of pleasure or a headache that gives me a crash course on 1150 mechanical failure.

I will keep you all posted on the outcome of this gamble, but I am ready to ride on a bike I have wanted for a long time.

Thanks again for all the help, opinions and encouragement...."


2000 BMW R 1150 GS
Built January 2000 in Berlin, Germany. This is a US model, series K80, with a vehicle code of 0495.
Purchased March 30, 2000 from Marty's Foreign Motors in Torrence, California.

1130 cc air-cooled flat-twin engine with additional oil cooling.
85hp original, now has Two Brothers titanium exhaust system with catalytic converter removed for additional power, and noise. And brand new BMW stainless steel engine guards protect the engine.

Other options installed include the 8 gallon Adventure tank, the Adventure nose piece, Adventure headlight guard and two PIAA driving lights. The bike has a VTechnik windscreen. There is a full set of Jesse Odyssey Aluminum Panniers, including the optional locking tool box under the back top case. Also installed is a K&N lifetime air filter for increased air flow to the engine, and an Odyssey gel battery.

The bike has 1 month old Dunlop Trailmax 607 tires, new brake pads front and rear, new differential pivot bearings, and a recently replaced rear shock.

Bike currently has 102,500 miles on it.

first official pic - day 1

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Boca Chica, Florida Keys

it's here

This photo was taken on my test drive of the bike.