Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Off to the shop, again....

Here is the email I sent to 441 Cycle in advance of dropping off the bike on Saturday....

Hi Tyler,
Bringing my bike in this Saturday for service. I will call today to schedule a service appointment formally. The bike is going to have to come back. Same problem as described in the original email. After several weeks of work, I am left with the conclusion that the Hall Sensor that was installed may be bad or not functioning correctly. In the morning: bike will start right up and run for a few miles, then die. In the afternoon: bike seems to run well, up to 20 miles or more. If stopped and allowed to cool to 2 bars or less, bike will not restart. If you let it cool further, it will start right up again

Here is what I have done: (all tests done both when bike runs, and when it won't)
- Replaced Motronic
- Replaced Coil
- Checked all wiring
- Checked fuel pressure (45 psi)
- Pulled all connectors, cleaned, dielectric grease in all
- Checked spark at plug
- Swapped out spark plugs
- replaced spark plug wires
- pulled both injectors to confirm fuel delivery
- Checked voltage to injectors
- Checked battery voltage
- Checked power "pulse" at diagnostic plug when firing injectors
- Pulled handlebar switches, cleaned, inspected
- Checked fuel pump, wiring inside tank
- New fuel filter
- Checked kill switch, sidestand switch etc for proper function
- Checked bike running with 02 sensor disconnected
- Checked bike running with Air Intake sensor disconnected
- Checked resistance of 02 sensor with increasing temperture load
- Checked and cleaned battery connections
- Swapped Motronic and Fuel relays

What I have not checked:
- Oil Temp Sensor
- other obscure things I don't know enough to check

As I mentioned above, the tests were done when the bike runs perfectly, then repeated when the bike dies and won't restart. All the voltage test, fuel pump tests, etc, were performed when the bike would not run. It may not be the Hall Sensor, but with all the tests I have done, I am out of options. I need to get the HES checked or swapped out and see if that cures the problem. If that isn't it, then I would like your service department to see if you can find the problem.

new add on

This is how you measure fuel pressure...

I want to leave it on the bike. Oh, and my fuel pressure is a nice steady 45 psi.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

no forward movement

Thanks to Bill, Theo, John and Steve for coming over and spending all day trying to troubleshoot the problems with my bike. It seems to all be coming back to a problem with either the new Hall Sensor or the Motronic.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

...real boats rock

Show me a smooth operation and I will show you people covering things up ... real boats rock.
– Frank Herbert
Another gem from

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

bike still not right...

Bike died again this morning, same place on the road. Almost exactly. Here is where I am at, which is nowhere....

1. check vent lines mix up - done
2. Fuel Filter - installed new one
3. Pressure Regulator - don't know about this
4. Elec. connector at right rear of tank - checked, cleaned
5. Fuel lines pinched or cracked - checked
6. Check plug wires - replaced with new
7. Coil resistance - haven't checked
8. Oxygen sensor - haven't checked
9. Misc. wiring - checked what I can see, no bare wires
10. Ignition wiring loom - checked as best I could, but haven't taken it apart...
11. Hall Sensor - new one installed
12. Fuel pump relay - pulled and re-seated. Might be bad?
13. Fuel pump - seems okay, but don't have any experience with a failing one...

new additions...

14. bad O2 sensor
15. a bad injector coil

Saturday, July 4, 2009

1150 GS Fuel filter replacement

Put in a new fuel filter today, which is located inside the fuel tank. Not the simplest job, but it went well.

In the photo below, you can see the tank just over the bike, upside down with the pump and filter assembly out.

click to view larger images

Friday, July 3, 2009

more fun

Posted this on ADVrider this morning...

Help needed: 1150 GS dying..fuel pump? Wiring?

Bike has started dying on me in the last three days and I need some diagnostic help before I go tearing into it.

2000 1150, 108,500 miles.

Recently replaced the Hall Sensor and starter. Bike has always started perfectly. Also, I think I have a short somewhere in the left turn signal, as it tends to come on at random times or occasionally not work at all. And, perhaps related, the neutral light sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

Symptoms seem fuel or fuel pump related.

Wednesday drove about 2 miles when the bike died. RID and dash lights stayed on. When I tried to restart, bike stumbled at very low revs, but wouldn't start. Thought I was out of gas. Went and got gas and the bike started right up.

Thursday bike died same place on my way to work. I thought it was out of gas again because I hadn't filled I up, although that seemed strange to me. Got gas and it started right up. Later that morning, it was tough to start the bike, but it got started. That afternoon I rode some trails and started and stopped the engine many times. No problems. Got home and about 1 hour later went to start the bike...wouldn't start. Went to dinner, came home and the bike started right up.

Friday on my way to work, bike died in exactly the same place. Started again in about 5 minutes. Went to get coffee, started the bike up about a half hour later, drove 2 blocks and it died again. Bike would run roughly at very low rpm for about 1-3 seconds when I tried to atart it, but would die immediately if I gave it any throttle at all. Waited 15 minutes, bike started up.

Again, when the bike won't start, the bike runs, barely, for a second or two when I release the starter button, but dies very no fuel. But it does run independently of the starter for a bit...but like its struggling to catch more fuel.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow I will pull the tank to replace the fuel filter, which I planned on doing anyway. I will check the wires visually, but electrics are not my strong suit and short of a obvious bare wire, I am not sure what to do or how to diagnose the problem.