Tuesday, July 7, 2009

bike still not right...

Bike died again this morning, same place on the road. Almost exactly. Here is where I am at, which is nowhere....

1. check vent lines mix up - done
2. Fuel Filter - installed new one
3. Pressure Regulator - don't know about this
4. Elec. connector at right rear of tank - checked, cleaned
5. Fuel lines pinched or cracked - checked
6. Check plug wires - replaced with new
7. Coil resistance - haven't checked
8. Oxygen sensor - haven't checked
9. Misc. wiring - checked what I can see, no bare wires
10. Ignition wiring loom - checked as best I could, but haven't taken it apart...
11. Hall Sensor - new one installed
12. Fuel pump relay - pulled and re-seated. Might be bad?
13. Fuel pump - seems okay, but don't have any experience with a failing one...

new additions...

14. bad O2 sensor
15. a bad injector coil

1 comment:

  1. You checked for crossed vent lines, how about if its even venting? Happened to me. Popped the top of the tank, problem went away. It was a clogged line. Also could be water in the system I suppose.