Friday, July 3, 2009

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Posted this on ADVrider this morning...

Help needed: 1150 GS dying..fuel pump? Wiring?

Bike has started dying on me in the last three days and I need some diagnostic help before I go tearing into it.

2000 1150, 108,500 miles.

Recently replaced the Hall Sensor and starter. Bike has always started perfectly. Also, I think I have a short somewhere in the left turn signal, as it tends to come on at random times or occasionally not work at all. And, perhaps related, the neutral light sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

Symptoms seem fuel or fuel pump related.

Wednesday drove about 2 miles when the bike died. RID and dash lights stayed on. When I tried to restart, bike stumbled at very low revs, but wouldn't start. Thought I was out of gas. Went and got gas and the bike started right up.

Thursday bike died same place on my way to work. I thought it was out of gas again because I hadn't filled I up, although that seemed strange to me. Got gas and it started right up. Later that morning, it was tough to start the bike, but it got started. That afternoon I rode some trails and started and stopped the engine many times. No problems. Got home and about 1 hour later went to start the bike...wouldn't start. Went to dinner, came home and the bike started right up.

Friday on my way to work, bike died in exactly the same place. Started again in about 5 minutes. Went to get coffee, started the bike up about a half hour later, drove 2 blocks and it died again. Bike would run roughly at very low rpm for about 1-3 seconds when I tried to atart it, but would die immediately if I gave it any throttle at all. Waited 15 minutes, bike started up.

Again, when the bike won't start, the bike runs, barely, for a second or two when I release the starter button, but dies very no fuel. But it does run independently of the starter for a bit...but like its struggling to catch more fuel.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow I will pull the tank to replace the fuel filter, which I planned on doing anyway. I will check the wires visually, but electrics are not my strong suit and short of a obvious bare wire, I am not sure what to do or how to diagnose the problem.

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  1. Hi, any update? Just got a same bike with the same problem. Thanks, Daniel