Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Off to the shop, again....

Here is the email I sent to 441 Cycle in advance of dropping off the bike on Saturday....

Hi Tyler,
Bringing my bike in this Saturday for service. I will call today to schedule a service appointment formally. The bike is going to have to come back. Same problem as described in the original email. After several weeks of work, I am left with the conclusion that the Hall Sensor that was installed may be bad or not functioning correctly. In the morning: bike will start right up and run for a few miles, then die. In the afternoon: bike seems to run well, up to 20 miles or more. If stopped and allowed to cool to 2 bars or less, bike will not restart. If you let it cool further, it will start right up again

Here is what I have done: (all tests done both when bike runs, and when it won't)
- Replaced Motronic
- Replaced Coil
- Checked all wiring
- Checked fuel pressure (45 psi)
- Pulled all connectors, cleaned, dielectric grease in all
- Checked spark at plug
- Swapped out spark plugs
- replaced spark plug wires
- pulled both injectors to confirm fuel delivery
- Checked voltage to injectors
- Checked battery voltage
- Checked power "pulse" at diagnostic plug when firing injectors
- Pulled handlebar switches, cleaned, inspected
- Checked fuel pump, wiring inside tank
- New fuel filter
- Checked kill switch, sidestand switch etc for proper function
- Checked bike running with 02 sensor disconnected
- Checked bike running with Air Intake sensor disconnected
- Checked resistance of 02 sensor with increasing temperture load
- Checked and cleaned battery connections
- Swapped Motronic and Fuel relays

What I have not checked:
- Oil Temp Sensor
- other obscure things I don't know enough to check

As I mentioned above, the tests were done when the bike runs perfectly, then repeated when the bike dies and won't restart. All the voltage test, fuel pump tests, etc, were performed when the bike would not run. It may not be the Hall Sensor, but with all the tests I have done, I am out of options. I need to get the HES checked or swapped out and see if that cures the problem. If that isn't it, then I would like your service department to see if you can find the problem.

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