Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1st service @ 4000 miles

Saturday was the big first maintenance day. 4000 miles on the bike and time for some work. I got the complete 12/24k Super Maintenance Package from Beemer Boneyard:

Mann air and fuel filter
NGK BKR7EKC-N spark plugs
New alternator belt
Bosch oil filter
5 quarts of Liqui-Moly Racing 4-T Synth 10w-50 engine oil
1500ml of Liqui-Moly 75W90 Synthetic Racing gear oil
O rings, and fuel line clamps, new Viton O rings for the fuel line quick disconnects and crush washers for final drive and transmission.

With this in hand, some $150.00 worth of consumables, I took off the crash bars, sump guard, seats and tank. Did the valves, added the fluids, changed out the filters and put it all back together.

The process was a comedy of errors most of the way through. I can't begin to explain the chaos I went through with taking the tank off. Gas everywhere, tank almost falling, banging things, crimping wires, etc. However, at the end of the day I felt like I knew 500% more about my bike than I did at the beginning. A very rewarding experience.

Some details: oil from the tranny and final drive looked good, better than it could have. A slight muddy appearance, possibly from water. I haven't changed out gear oil before, so I don't know what to expect. They both have magnetic drain plugs and there was very little clinging to the bolts, so that is another good sign.

Next step, redo the wiring and possibly move the fuel filter out of the tank and to a more accessible spot.

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