Monday, January 18, 2010

a little adventure

Went for a ride, rode some trails, got soaked in a downpour and got seriously stuck in some deep mud. A full day. This is the first stop. Trails were in good shape, if a bit wet.

Then...I decided to go to another spot just down the road. What started as a simple off road side trip turned into an adventure in the mud.

I tried to navigate this mudhole, realizing quickly that I only had one chance to make it. If I fell in the water, it would be very difficult to get the bike back up. I headed for the bushes, hoping for more solid ground. This is looking back to where I started. I rode right by the plywood, hugging the edge and heading for solid ground. That is my track on the lower right of the photo.

Below are my tracks where I exited the bushes and where I got stuck. The bike could almost stand up by itself. Eventually I had to gather rocks and stack them in front of the rear wheel, then walk the bike while slipping the clutch and giving it throttle. All in all, it only took about a half hour to get out.

Everything's an adventure.

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