Sunday, March 22, 2009

1787 miles

1,787 miles on the bike since Feb. 17th, 33 days.

Added 2/3rd of a quart of Mobil 1 High Milage 10w-40 today. There is a small leak coming from what looks like the seam between the case and the transmission and I am sure the engine, with 104,287 miles on it is burning a bit of oil. The leak is so slight that it dirties the case with residue, but doesn't leak enough to drip at all.

Still need to fix it. I don't like leaks, no matter how small. I had a chance meeting with Fred and his wife, owners of 441 Cycle, a BMW shop up in Ft. Lauderdale. Very nice people and I will be taking my bike there for service in the future.

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