Tuesday, March 10, 2009

...bikes that could survive the apocalypse

Just found this posted on ADVRider:

Excerpted from "The Horse Back Street Choppers" magazine:

"I had gone over 50 miles and my fuel was running short. In front of me I saw a bike going a little faster then I was. I was keeping my speed down to try and squeak a few more miles out of my tank. The bike was steadily gaining distance and my hope of bummin' some fuel off him disappeared as he crested the horizon about a mile ahead of me. I was officially screwed.

I crested a hill and the smell of sulfur hit me like nothing I have ever had the dishonor of experiencing. There at the side of the road was the bike, a fully geared BMW, with its owner taking a photo of the stink ass lake! The guy was from Sweden and didn’t speak shit for English. Through some creative sign language I was able to convey I was out of gas.

Now you can make fun of anybody on any kind of a bike, but NEVER make fun of one of those BMW guys! They ride alone for thousands of miles on bikes that could survive the apocalypse and have everything that they will need for any catastrophe, including extra fuel! This guy was strapped with ten gallons of high test in small jugs all over his bike and he was more then happy to share. A goddam lifesaver this guy was and in the middle of hell on top of it! I finally made it to a town some 50 miles away and filled this guy up with gas, a total of 12 gallons of it!”

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